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H&D Real Estate has the keys to your dream home.  We specialize in representing the discerning buyer find their ideal home in Southern California.  Let us do all the hard work of finding the perfect home for you.  Our dedicated agents are ready to assist you with every facet of the home buying experience. We will earn your trust to be your real estate agents in Mission Viejo or anywhere in Orange County, CA.

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Exclusive Buyer Real Estate Agents

H&D Real Estate agents are "exclusive buyer agents."  Our agents only represent the home buyer in a real estate transaction.  H&D Real Estate never represents sellers and never takes listings unless specifically asked by our clients then we will partner with the best listing agent in the area so our clients can get the best representation possible.  As a result, our agents can focus on giving the buyer a level of service that is unmatched.  This exclusive representation of buyers is confirmed through a written agreement.

Home Buyer's warning: Never see homes with the listing agent.

The real estate homebuying process is rife with potential pitfalls. But what's the no. 1 mistake that buyers can make that could cost them thousands of dollars? Seeing properties with the listing agent! Exclusive Buyer Agent Association urges buyers to avoid conflicts of interest.

Focused on Southern California 

Southern California mostly known for its beaches is a point of pride for many Southern Californians: toasty, golf-course-speckled expanses of desert, snow-packed mountain enclaves and temperate beaches are never farther away than a few minutes or hours away on the freeway.
For the best ski retreats, Southern Californians won’t have to travel far. From a 75-minute drive to a 70-minute flight, take advantage of more than five top-notch destinations. Find affordable day escapes or luxe weekend getaways at the best ski resorts near Orange County.
Life in Southern California is all about accessibility to outdoor recreation. And for second-home buyers, the possibilities are wide, whether you want a villa just off 18 holes of a Tom Fazio-designed fairway, a cozy cabin in the mountains with a lake view, or a Mediterranean-style spread a short bike ride from the beach.

Mission Viejo was a hilly region primarily used as cattle and sheep grazing land, since it was of little use to farmers. This city was one of the last regions of Orange County to be urbanized due to its geologic complexity. Donald Bren, an urban planner who later became the president of the Irvine Company, drafted a master plan which placed roads in the valleys and houses on the hills, and contoured to the geography of the area. The plan worked, and by 1980 much of the city of Mission Viejo was completed. During the late 1970s and the 1980s, houses in Mission Viejo were in such high demand that housing tracts often sold out before construction even began on them.